jube (def. 1) [joob, jyoob] n. /adj. word used to identify objects, ideas, people, etc. with the jube mentality. – see Jube Philos.

*Before you go off and start boosting about this definition, let me shut you up real quick.  What do you call “jube trip,” “jube house,” “jube van,” etc.?

There’s another definition that you’re probably more familiar with.

jube (def. 2) [joob, jyoob] v. 1. to be in an idle state, as in doing nothing.  2. to waste time in an unproductive manner.  3. to make a mistake, as in breaking something.  4. to procrastinate.  5. to not function properly or at all – jubing, jubes, jubed, jubie (jubie loo) – see Jube Philos.

juber [joo-ber, jyoo-ber]  n. 1. someone who exudes the qualities of the word jube.  2. someone who identifies with the word jube and jube mentality – jubers

**Jube is the most frequently used word, but it also could be the most misunderstood word, as well.  You’ll see the word, jube used a lot in various ways.  See the Jube Philos post to get a better understanding.

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