Voice Philos

VOICE PHILOS – through different modulations of the voice, a better understanding of the other’s opinion on a certain topic can be achieved.  The following are a few examples of this:

(1) Up at the end… this is used mainly for sarcastic comments if you wanna just get your point across to others.  Basically, you just say a sarcastic comment.  Towards the end of the phrase, the tone of your voice begins to rise drastically, climaxing at the very end of the phrase.

(2) Are we gonna… is mainly used in a mocking manner.  Other uses include: to create, or to cover it up when you’re olmexing.  To do this, your voice has to become very dramatic, faint and almost airy for the whole phrase.

(3) It’s gettin’… is used as an exclamation to an action that has taken place or is going to take place in the future.  When you say the phrase, you gotta say each word precisely and succinctly.  (similar to how you would pronounce succinctly)

(4) Slowness… is used to give more meaning what is being said.  However, it’s uses are very limited to a few phrases so don’t boost it.  When you’re saying the phrase, you will notice your voice slightly whining.

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