Abbreve Philos

Abbreve – This is basically shortening every word.  It came about basically because we are all lazy people and don’t want to say the whole word.  Why say the whole word when the other person can understand half of it?  By doing this you can be more efficient in your speech:  you will save time and energy, and be able to say more in the same amount of time.  And of course, it’s fun.  BTW, even the word philos has been abbreeved.


sarr [sahr] v. to be good (at something).  adj. 1. be superior in looks and/or skills.  2. be good in an overall sense, whether it be associated with feelings, smell, touch, etc.

A person, girl or guy, can be sarr looking, or simply sarr.  A person can also be sarr at doing something, or something that’s cooking in the oven can smell sarr.


kabobbo [kuh-ba-boe, kuh-bob-oh] v. 1. to repeat an action or word in order to play off the discomfort of the initial action – kabobbos, kabobboed, kabobboing 

Let’s say your voice cracks while speaking, if you keep cracking it and even blend the crack in with another sound, you would be kabobboing. (sort of similar to calar)