Abbreve Philos

Abbreve – This is basically shortening every word.  It came about basically because we are all lazy people and don’t want to say the whole word.  Why say the whole word when the other person can understand half of it?  By doing this you can be more efficient in your speech:  you will save time and energy, and be able to say more in the same amount of time.  And of course, it’s fun.  BTW, even the word philos has been abbreeved.

Voice Philos

VOICE PHILOS – through different modulations of the voice, a better understanding of the other’s opinion on a certain topic can be achieved.  The following are a few examples of this:

(1) Up at the end… this is used mainly for sarcastic comments if you wanna just get your point across to others.  Basically, you just say a sarcastic comment.  Towards the end of the phrase, the tone of your voice begins to rise drastically, climaxing at the very end of the phrase.

(2) Are we gonna… is mainly used in a mocking manner.  Other uses include: to create, or to cover it up when you’re olmexing.  To do this, your voice has to become very dramatic, faint and almost airy for the whole phrase.

(3) It’s gettin’… is used as an exclamation to an action that has taken place or is going to take place in the future.  When you say the phrase, you gotta say each word precisely and succinctly.  (similar to how you would pronounce succinctly)

(4) Slowness… is used to give more meaning what is being said.  However, it’s uses are very limited to a few phrases so don’t boost it.  When you’re saying the phrase, you will notice your voice slightly whining.

Jube Philos

JubeJube is more like a concept than an actual word.  It could mean the things that define it, but it could also be used as a variable or an identifying word, as long as others know what you are referring to.  For example, if you say that you’re just jubing at home, it could very well mean that you’re just sitting there doing absolutely nothing just like the first definition of the word.  But if you say a certain house is a “jube house” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the house doesn’t function properly.  Or another example would be if we were to refer to somebody as a juber.  It doesn’t mean that we think the person just sits at home doing nothing while breaking everything in sight.  So what we’re trying to say is that jube can be used as a word, but it also is used as a way to see things.  Sort of like a mentality.  Jubing can be a mindset that allows you to see the humorous and lighter side of life.  We spend a lot of time worrying about our life, jobs, our schoolwork, and our daily routine.  Having a jube mentality can allow you to think about everyday life from a different angle.  It gives you the freedom to let go of those tensions that cause stress and just have a good time.  We only live once, so why can’t we all just have fun, right?  So the next time your boss or professor gives you a hard time, rip ‘em on their head, and move on, ‘cause they’re gee anyway.