sarr [sahr] v. to be good (at something).  adj. 1. be superior in looks and/or skills.  2. be good in an overall sense, whether it be associated with feelings, smell, touch, etc.

A person, girl or guy, can be sarr looking, or simply sarr.  A person can also be sarr at doing something, or something that’s cooking in the oven can smell sarr.


kabobbo [kuh-ba-boe, kuh-bob-oh] v. 1. to repeat an action or word in order to play off the discomfort of the initial action – kabobbos, kabobboed, kabobboing 

Let’s say your voice cracks while speaking, if you keep cracking it and even blend the crack in with another sound, you would be kabobboing. (sort of similar to calar)


shuboo [shoo-boo] v. thinking that you comprehended the situation at hand when in fact, you never knew – shuboos, shubooing, shubooed

This is pretty simple.  Some people try to analyze everything and come up with conclusions that are totally off.  A simple example would be:  say one of your friends thought you, along with everyone else, were ripping on them.  No matter what you say to prove that you weren’t, the person doesn’t believe you.  That person would be shubooing.


damiate [dey-mee-eyt ] v. to try to be different for attention – damiating, damiates, damiated

If you go out of your way to be different or act different from everyone else simply for the extra attention, you would be damiating.


pagonate [paguh-neyt] v. 1. to rip because you lost.  2. to rip because you were proven wrong – pagonates, pagonated, pagonating, pagonator

Say you and your friend have an argument about a certain topic.  After you are proven wrong, if you rip on your friend simply because you lost, you would be pagonating.


rip [rip] v. 1. to make faces at another person or people when they are not aware or looking.  2. to make a horrible face.  3. to make fun of someone or thing.  4. to defeat someone in any way or form – ripping, rips, ripped, ripped up